Why Are Gamecube Games So Expensive

Why Are Gamecube Games So Expensive. It's probably not too surprising that a game from the pokémon series is one of the most valuable today, although it is not the traditional mainline games of the era. Nintendo stopped the production of gamecube, which led to increased demand and low supply.

All the Nintendo published games on the gamecube Gamecube
All the Nintendo published games on the gamecube Gamecube from www.reddit.com

So ive been trying to get loz twilight. Super mario sunshine, luigi’s mansion, legend of zelda: Right now there is a h.

They Never Really Go On Decent Sale.

High prices on used games depends on a few factors. Super smash bros melee mario kart double dash fire emblem path of radiance mario party 4, 5, 6, and 7 skies of arcadia legends super mario strikers pokemon colosseum and xd gale of darkness New copies go for sometimes 10 times that prices.

Why Are Gamecube Games So Expensive?

There are some ps2 games that never got a digital release and are similarly expensive due to their rarity. Find out more about japanese retro video games in this video that e. Brand new sealed games are technically brand new, therefore, more valuable.

Why Are Gamecube Games So Expensive?

But even for 3rd party titles people just like having the gamecube version because there are less of them. The rarest & most valuable nintendo gamecube games. While it is possible to get gamecube for a relatively reasonable price of $200, many of the games have increased in price over the years.

Nintendo Stopped The Production Of Gamecube, Which Led To Increased Demand And Low Supply.

I think this might be a costly issue with collecting for the wii u in 10+ years or so too, depending on how much switch ports stifles demand. By camden jones published jul 25, 2020. One, discs break like shit and are.

Wind Waker, Kirby’s Air Ride, Pokemon Colosseum And Xd, And Of Course Smash Melee.

Gamecube games have exploded in value over the last six months, so why is this happening? Still, the game is so emblematic of the gamecube era that it can cost up to $500 today. But good games come at a pri.

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