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Who Is Your Godly Parent. Create a post and earn points! Someone who let's me take the lead.

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It's time to stop wondering and get an answer by taking this epic personality quiz! Take this quiz to find out which of the gods from percy jackson is most like your parents! If you're incredibly narcissistic, you might be a descendant of a narcissistic god like apollo or aphrodite.

Find Out Who Your Godly Parent Is If You Think Your A Half Blood.

I wanted to do a quiz that would the most accurate possible, so the questions and the answers are not biased. He is the king of olympus, the son of the titans kronos and rhea, and the husband of the goddess hera. Percy jackson, the heroes of olympus and the trials of apollo, based on greek and roman mythology;

Train Well, Don't Forget To Brush Your Teeth Occasionally, And Try Not To Get Sent On A Quest (They Tend To Shorten Your Lifespan).

While we wait patiently for the new percy jackson series adaptation to bow on disney+, we’re fighting the urge every day to start rereading this. An eagle is his sacred animal (technically a bird). Someone loyal and laid back.

The Lightning Bolt Is A Powerful Symbol.

Demigods, it’s time to embark on the most noble of quests: Take this quiz with friends in. You are a sister/brother of thalia grace and jason grace!

It Is Believed That They Sired Children With Humans Who Would Become Demigods At A Specific Age.

Zeus is the greek god of honor, justice, lightning. Someone who shares my interests and intelligence level. This amazing goddess helps the plants to grow and keeps the earth in harmony.

If You're Incredibly Narcissistic, You Might Be A Descendant Of A Narcissistic God Like Apollo Or Aphrodite.

The stoll brothers are expert thieves. Hera, artemis and hestia are not included. This quiz is for percy jackson and heroes of olympus fans.

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