What's Yours Like Game

What's Yours Like Game. Pick a card, and all players except one get to see what guess word is printed on the card. Account & lists returns & orders.

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The game that tells it like it is. Choose your location and preferred currency for a localized shopping experience. Be clever, be witty, or be outrageous when describing your swimsuit, neighbor, closet, hair, or whatever guess word is picked.

In The Game Of What's Yours Like There Is A Player Who Is In The Hot Seat. This Player Asks Each Of The Other Players What's Yours Like? The Other Players Give Answers While Trying Not To Make It Too Easy On The Player In The.

Figure 3 rounds per game. The game that tells it like it is. The orange can be used with kids while the purple is if only adults are playing.

What's Yours Like?™ The Game That Tells It Like It Is™ Be Clever, Be Witty, Or Be Outrageous When Describing Your Swimsuit, Neighbor, Closet, Hair, Or Whatever Guess Word Is Picked.

With 4 players, it takes maybe 15 minutes for a round. Thanks playmonster for this free product game!we play the fun party game, what's yours like? Account & lists returns & orders.

The Selected Participant Asks Other Players Until He/She Guesses The Element They Have In.

The game includes dry erase boards for the player in the hot seat to keep track of the clues. The asked person should say an adjective that described the previously chosen body part/piece of clothing. What's yours like is a game for 4 or more players.

Pick A Card, And All Players Except One Get To See What Guess Word Is Printed On The Card.

Account & lists returns & orders. In this game, all players except the one in the hot seat look at a guess word and then creatively. It’s a game that will make you laugh, a lot, even without.

When The Agreed Number Of Rounds Is Over.

Figure 3 rounds per game. Popular account 0 basket trustpilot 4.7 |. Descriptions should be truthful, yet clever, so the player in the hot seat doesn't get an easy guess.

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