What Is Flexible Wedge Gate Valve

What Is Flexible Wedge Gate Valve. These cuts vary in size, shape, and depth. Zeco wedge gate valve adopts wedge type gate, because the angle of the gate is wedge type with the vertical center line, it can be closed more and more tightly in the closing.

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Explore a wide range of flexible wedge gate valves today. Knife valve uses for chemical, power, and mining operations. If there is material in the knife valve seat area, it will drain and close.

A Shallow, Narrow Cut On Wedge Perimeter Gives Less Flexibility But Retains Strength.

The nuts on the top of the valve and the guide grooves on the valve body convert the rotation into a linear motion, that is, the operating torque becomes the operating thrust. Or it can be made into a gate that can produce trace deformation to improve its manufacturability and make up for the deviation of the sealing surface angle during processing, which is called the flexible gate. Flexible wedge gate valves have good shutoff characteristics.

Knife Valve Uses For Chemical, Power, And Mining Operations.

Designed to be capable and available with most actuation methods, including handwheel/bevel gear, electric motor actuated, pneumatics and hydraulics. A shallow, narrow cut on wedge perimeter gives less flexibility but retains strength. Its characteristic gate is vertical, and there is a diversion hole in the middle of the gate.

These Cuts Vary In Size, Shape, And Depth.

The wedge type means that the structure is a wedge type, that is, an oblique sealing structure. Flexible wedge gate valves are ideal for oil & gas applications. The gate of the wedge gate valve can be integrated, called a solid gate.

Gate Valve Types As Per Type Of Closing Element:

Explore a wide range of flexible wedge gate valves today. Gate valves may have either a solid or flexible wedge disk. The velan pressure seal flexible wedge gate valve was pioneered by velan in 1960.

These Cuts Vary In Size, Shape, And Depth.

The flexible wedge type gate valve is also called a lift rod gate valve (also called a stem gate valve). Parallel disk gate valves consist of two discs that are forced apart against parallel. Wedge gate valve is generally used where need not strict requirements about size or harsh.

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