Replacing Fill Valve On Toilet

Replacing Fill Valve On Toilet. Clip the refill tube to the overflow tube. Turn on the water supply valve and let the tank fill.

Should I replace toilet fill valve or cap Home Improvement Stack Exchange
Should I replace toilet fill valve or cap Home Improvement Stack Exchange from

Prepare the new fill valve. The valve nut locks the toilet valve body into the toilet tank. First, you need to turn off the water supply to the tank.

Press The Flush Lever A Little Longer Than Usual To Remove Almost All Water From The Tank.

The following is a detailed discussion of why your fill valve is leaking, how to identify, fix it, and tips to prevent future leaks. Turn off your water supply, then flush the toilet and sponge the remaining water from your tank. The best way to turn off the water when replacing a toilet fill valve is with a local stop valve.

If One Exists It Could Be Part Of A Flexible Hose.

A toilet valve is a device that allows one to fill a tank with water to the appropriate level of water. The new fill valve goes on the way the old one came off. Flush the tank and adjust the float as needed for the correct water leve l.

2 Remove Old Fill Valve.

The first task is to close the water supply line and empty the tank. With a few tools and materials, you can replace your valve fill within a few minutes, and you’re done. Slide the rubber washer included with the kit onto the bottom flange on the fill valve.

And If Your Toilet Is Still Running After Replacing The Fill Valve, Consider Looking At The Toilet Flapper Or Another Cause Of A Running Toilet.

Hold the lever down until water stops draining from the tank. Place the shank washer over the threads of the shank on the new valve, flat side up. You’ll find a valve where the water supply is coming out from the wall or floor.

Install The New Fill Valve.

Now it’s time to purchase a new toilet fill valve. Disconnect the water supply line, unscrew your fill valve lock nut and remove the old fill valve. There is a small valve next to your toilet or behind it.

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