Plastic Water Heater Drain Valve

Plastic Water Heater Drain Valve. If the drain valve has a removable handle, unscrew it and replace. 3/4 male pipe thread x 3/4 male hose thread.

Camco 11523 3/4" Plastic Water Heater Drain Valve with 21/2" Shank from

This step is a great idea for any threaded water fitting, as the tape creates a tighter seal. Well the existing one is toast since you say it's cracked. Let the newly introduced water drain out.

Put A Hose Bib Adapter On And Your Done.

Fits directly into water heater for easy draining; Male npt goes directly into your water heater while the other end has a 3/4 in. If you gnarl up the threads run a galvanized nipple in (galvanized because it is harder than brass and will cut threads in the tank brass.)

If You Have An Electric Model, Shut Off Power At The Main Service Panel.

Thank you for your quick responses! If this is the case (and you’re not alone), just call rainbow international for professional water damage restoration. If it breaks quickly pack a rag in the hole with the flat head screw driver.

If System Will Be Used With Dockside Water Supply, A Pressure Regulator Valve, Set To Match Boat Pressure Installation Of A Drain Valve Between Cold Water Line And Heater Is Recommended (See Fig.

Drain valve type and size. Then take your flat head and your channel locks and chisel lightly just to break the plastic loose from the steel. Then by pulling the rag to one side locate where the old plastic meets the steel.

4.5 Out Of 5 Stars 24.

Open the nearest hot water faucet as you drain to prevent air lock. I usually remove the handle and have at it with a pipe wrench. Sometimes leaky drain valves are noticed too late and hot water tanks empty onto the floor.

A Drain Valve Leak Can Take Up To 4 Hours To Fix.

Brass valves are preferred by most plumbers because they are more sturdy and lasting than their plastic equivalents.ball valves and gate valves are the two types of brass valves available: • do not install in close proximity to wood burning stove or other high open the drain valve and direct the water to a drain.emergency should the heater be subject to flood, fire or other damaging conditions, turn. Therefore, you’re looking at a total fee of between $160 to $800.

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