How To Replace Shower Mixing Valve

How To Replace Shower Mixing Valve. For the replacement part, click here: 8 x 1¼” screws and wall plugs are supplied.

The Best Way How to Replace Shower Valve? Bee Healthy
The Best Way How to Replace Shower Valve? Bee Healthy from

Unscrew and remove the plate from the shower wall. To replace a shower valve, start by unscrewing the shower handle and trim plate, so you can remove them. Grab it firmly with a pair of pliers and pull it out.

Using The Same Template As For The Pipe Centres, Mark The Three Fixing Holes For The Back Plate.

Fit the new valve in place and measure the lengths of pipe you will need to connect it to the existing plumbing. Then, put it back onto the shower fixture after you are finished cleaning it. Remove and clean old shower mixer valve:

Press The Mixing Valve Gently Back Into Place Over The Washer, Then Position The Second Washer Over The Valve.

A plumber can do a quick fix, but taking some easy steps to replace the shower valve yourself isn’t a bad idea. After turning off the water, you will see 2 screws connecting the valve cap to the valve body. Using needlenose pliers, remove the valve clip and pull the valve out of the wall.

Cut The Pipes Attached To The Old Valve With A Pipe Cutter.

Remove the backplate from the shower unit and fix it to the wall using a drill with a masonry bit. (see below for a shopping list and to. The trick is to find an easy way to access the pipes inside the shower wall.

If You Know The Basics, Scroll Past The Soldering Portion To Save Some Time.

Low pressure, high pressure and both. This video shows you how to change your shower bar mixer valve easily if it is faulty or old. The valves are made in 3 ways.

Then, Shut The Water Off And Cut A Hole In The Small Opening Behind The Trim Plate, So You Can Reach The Valve.

Ensure each sits nice and flat against the body of the valve so that it seals properly. Replace the knob, screw and plastic cap if applicable. This method is best for those of you with a basic level of plum.

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