How To Remove Old Delta Shower Valve

How To Remove Old Delta Shower Valve. Cover the shower drain with a washcloth. Remove and replace the cartridge.

How To Remove A Delta Bathroom Faucet Handle Everything Bathroom
How To Remove A Delta Bathroom Faucet Handle Everything Bathroom from

As you remove screws or other parts from the shower, keep them in the same place to avoid losing them. Remove the metal stem in a shower faucet with two handles. Use the nuts on the stem.

Turn Off The Water To The Bathroom, Or At The House Supply If Necessary.

I currently have an old monitor 1300/1400 series. If it gets stuck and did not want to come out take a flat head screwdriver and a hammer and gently put the screwdriver into the joint and hammer it. These 2 videos explain how to remove and replace a delta shower valve assembly and replace washers to stop a leaking faucet/shower valve.

Join Me Today As We Try To Tackle Mission Impossibleand Replace Parts On Old Delta Tub/Shower Valve

If so, you probably will need to replace the diverter valve in your shower. While waiting for your cartridge to clean up, flush the shower opening using cold water. After that, it washes the internal pipe.

Depending On How Old Your Shower Is, It Could Have A Stem Or A Cartridge.

Replace the bonnet turn the water back on and check for leaks. When the set screw is off you can simply pull out the shower handle. Replace the metal stem if needed.

Turn Off The Water Supply And Open The Faucet.

The model number should be on the packaging, the faucet valve, or in the instruction manual that came with the faucet box. Release the screws of the faucet handle to remove the acrylic handle. After draining the lines, plug off the shower or bathtub drain to prevent dropping anything down the drain.

To Identify An Old Delta Shower Faucet Model You Need To Check The Model Number First.

Remove the handle cap, handle and faceplate. Replace other parts and test. Turn on the problematic shower faucet.

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