Bad Gas Valve On Furnace

Bad Gas Valve On Furnace. Lift the main panel from the furnace. Observe the display on the meter as you start the furnace.

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If your furnace it not working properly, or you would like to have it checked out by a licensed professional, your local hvac experts at aire serv can help. Open up the furnace door and locate the gas valve. A gas leak poses a safety hazard to your health and property, as a spark could potentially start a fire.

The Igniter Would Start Again, And The Cycle Would Repeat.

The tech said that the problem could be either the controller or the gas valve. Observe the display on the meter as you start the furnace. Neither is definitively a sign of a bad gas valve.

Now, To Actually Test The Gas Valve, You Need More Detailed Instruction.

See if this fixes the problem. The furnace gas valve is a component of the furnace’s fuel system. Other types of gas valves include the standing pilot gas valve.

Take Out The Bolts In The Service Panel On The Side Of The Furnace Using A Nut Driver.

If your furnace is not producing heat, a faulty gas valve could be the problem. Troubleshooting a furnace gas valve. This is because your gas furnace requires gas to work, and without it, it will shut down completely.

It Should Stick Out Right Away As It Has A Number Of Wires Running In And Out Of It.

You do need to consider the possibility that the gas valve is faulty. Turn off the power by switching off the switch located near or on the furnace. But, this depends on your furnace type, how old it is, and the type of gas valve you’re getting.

Turn The Test Control On The Multimeter To “Mv,” Which Stands For Millivolt.

On the flip side, either symptom could be the result of a malfunctioning or stuck gas valve, so you have two choices. Locate the hot surface igniter and look for a spark or glow there. The primary indicator of a faulty gas valve is that your furnace will stop producing heat.

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