17 Year Old Wants To Live With Non Custodial Parent

17 Year Old Wants To Live With Non Custodial Parent. By arden mullen, marriage and family therapist. Since he has been there, he says he wants to live there permanently but also says he wants to come home.


It is called a court order people, if you take your child away from the court appointed custodial parent, even if you are the other parent, it is the same as kid napping! Custody cannot be changed without a court case, although, if the ex sues you, your child will get to tell the judge where she plans to live. If abuse is a factor in the child’s decision to run away, seek immediate.

My Question Involves A Child Custody Case From The State Of:

Its not kidnapping unless you hide the child's location from the custodial parent. Level of dependability of the parent with whom the child prefers to live. My 7 yo has been staying with his father for approx 6 weeks in another state due to corona.

Even If You Believe That Living With The Other Parent Would Be Harmful, Avoid Saying Negative Things About Them To Or In Front Of Your Child.

The child is so confused. Given the age of your child (over the age of 12), changing child custody can be as simple as filing what is called a motion to modify custody, visitation and child support based on your daughter’s desire to live with you and the fact that your ex and her husband routinely say negative things about you. 16 year old wants to live with non custodial parent.

Even If I Discourage The.

The short answer is yes, but with caveats. When a child reaches 16 or 17, it can be difficult to realistically enforce visitation. Child wants to emancipate but can not due to he has not live on his own longer then a little over a month in half and not working.

Whether Either Parent Disapproves Of The Child’s Preference.

He is refusing to come home. She doesn't want to live with her mother and the cops can't be involved because of her age and after the age of 16 there's no such thing as runaway. In georgia, once a child turns 14 he or she may choose which parent will be.

If Abuse Is A Factor In The Child’s Decision To Run Away, Seek Immediate.

The short answer to your question is yes. If the child leaves the home to stay with non custodial parent, there has to be written agreement that everyone involved is in agreement with the move. And yes, under mi law as i read it, a 17 year old can no longer be classified as a runaway.

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